Power Mix Protect – New standards for health and safety

Power Mix Protect – A new, training-free formula with reduced hazardous substances & classification compared to standard Polyurethanes.

The continuous development of our 2K-PUR Power Mix series has generated a VIP innovation in the field of adhesive technology.

Power Mix Protect sets new standards in terms of workplace health and safety. Due to the reduced labelling classification according to CLP/GHS safety packaging can be reduced (i.e. gloves) for DIY markets. Also there is no ISO training required. Power Mix Protect is a system for dynamically demanding, high strength bonds, which need to retain some flexibility whilst maintaining a high degree of mechanical strength, with an outstanding application consistency.

Power Mix Protect is the ideal solution for repairing, gap filling, sealing and bonding, as it builds a solid plastic material after hardening. In general, a 2K-system always stands for controlled and fast cure and makes bonding independent from surrounding temperature,humidity and bead thickness.



  • Non toxic
  • Free of labelling for H351 / R40
  • Easy clean handling, non-dripping, shapeable
  • Suitable for end-consumers
  • Extremely fast controlled cure (from the inside to the outside)
  • Cures independent of surrounding temperature, humidity or bead thickness
  • Steadfast bonds, permanently flexible
  • Non-sag
  • Good weathering and ageing resistance
  • Reworking like sanding, drilling and threading within 15-30 mins.
  • Overpaintable after approx. 60 mins.
  • Free of solvents and other VOC’s
  • Resistant to water, oil, petrol, solvents, acids and alkalis
  • Adjustment of shore-hardness and work times possible
  • Good impact resistance


The product has been selectively launched already and is available in a 1-2 minute version in 50ml cartridges now. Please contact us for further information via sales@vip-gmbh.com


Jul 2023

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