Are Single Component Polyurethane Adhesives still up to date?

Single component polyurethane adhesives are easy to use as they do not require a mixture of different components.

This type of adhesive is used in various applications including construction, automotive and general craftsmanship. However, disadvantages of 1K PU are the isocyanate content and possible reactions with moisture. Instead, we at VIP have been relying for over 20 years on modified 1K MS polymers that are free of hazardous substances, can be used in the same way, have comparable areas of application and are “healthier” to work with.

We have also been offering modified two-component MS polymer adhesives for many years. These 2K adhesives consist of two separate components that are mixed in the mixer tip before use. This allows bonding processes to be accelerated. This type of adhesive allows precise control over the curing properties (curing within 4 h guaranteed) and is often used in demanding applications. Both types of adhesives have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the choice depends on the specific requirements of the application.

It would not be correct to say that 1K adhesives are no longer needed, as there are still many applications where this product is useful. In particular, the relatively long open time, the lack of need for a mixing tip, the possibility of multiple applications and the price are among the advantages. The decision between one-component and two-component depends on the specific requirements of the respective application. Please contact us for individual support.


Mar 2024

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