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Exploration of the fast growing automotive aftermarket in the early nineties opened new opportunities in this particular industry. Plastic components in cars became more and more important replacing metal parts and subsequently the need to repair and bond plastics became immanent. Special adhesives filled this void and provided a solid base for further growth of VIP. The company is specialized in 2-component adhesive technologies and became a major supplier to the industry and well known private label customers. Innovative bonding products such as Polyurethanes, Polyurea, Methacrylates and MS-Polymers complimented the range of 2-part industrial adhesives and sealants.

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With the purchase of 9 boxes of Perfect Fill you get 1 box for free!
This certification confirms that our adhesive is safe for use in the food industry and meets strict quality and safety standards.
This certification confirms that our adhesive is deemed safe for use in the food industry, meeting stringent quality and safety standards.

Adhesives Product Overview

Power Bond 1K & 2K MS

The MS Polymer is completely free of any hazchem certification and does full fi ll even the most stringent Health and Safety directives and is a truly green product for the modern eco friendly work place.
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Power Mix 2K (PU)​

In many areas of industry 2 component PU Systems are among the most used bonding systems. One of the outstanding advantages of a 2K PUR is the wide range of adjustability of its characteristics.

Power Fix 2K

PowerFix 2K is a two component, fast curing, gap fi lling adhesive with excellent bonding characteristics to a variety of substrates including plastics, rubbers and metals.

Power Weld 2K (MMA)

The modified Methyl Methacrylat Ester (MMA) is a 2 component structural adhesive for metal bonding, modern difficult to bond plastics and innovative composites. You can achieve high strength, tough yet slightly elastic bonds, mostly without chemical or mechanical preparation of the surface.

Quick Patch - UV Technology

Quick Patch is a very unique, easy-to-use UV- or sunlight activated, self adhesive repair patch. It is fibreglass reinforced Polyester with extremely good adhesion properties for long lasting repairs

Perfect Fill 1K Primer

Perfect Fill is a ready to use high build primer/ filler in an aerosol. Specially designed to fill and prime sand scratches and uneven surfaces before top coating. With great adhesion to all plastics and metal.


Thorough cleaning of the substrates is always necessary. A suitable primer will always increase the adhesion, regardless of the adhesive system you are intending to use. Because of the large variety of usages of the individual products and the magnitude of circumstances (e.g. methods of usage, surface conditions, system build, etc.) the user is obliged to do a personal trial prior to usage. VIP GmbH offers the possibility of bonding trials in VIP’s own lab for classification of various substrates and suitable adhesives.

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