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With VIP´s 2K Hi-Tech adhesives almost all requirements regarding flexibility, processing time and strength can be solved. Simple processing, savings in weight and energy as well as optical aspects convince an increasing number of companies to prefer gluing as an innovative joining technology to conventional methods (riveting, welding, screwing). Controlled curing independent of the adhesive volume, humidity and ambient temperature makes 2-component adhesives the first choice. Following this trend, VIP is constantly developing new and more effective adhesive systems.

Elastic Bonding & FIxing

Power Bond - 1K & 2K MS Polymer - Square

Power Bond 1K & 2K MS

The MS Polymer is completely free of any hazchem certification and does full fill even the most stringent Health and Safety directives and is a truly green product for the modern eco friendly work place.

Semi-structural Bonding

Power Mix - 2K Polyurethan (PU) - Square

Power Mix 2K (PU)​

In many areas of industry 2 component PU Systems are among the most used bonding systems. One of the outstanding advantages of a 2K PUR is the wide range of adjustability of its characteristics.

Extra-fast structural Bonding

PowerFix 2k PU Product Image

Power Fix 2K

PowerFix 2K is a two component, fast curing, gap filling adhesive with excellent bonding characteristics to a variety of substrates including plastics, rubbers and metals.

Structural Bonding

Power Weld - 2K Metyl Metacrylat (MMA) - Square

Power Weld 2K (MMA)

The modified Methyl Methacrylat Ester (MMA) is a 2 component structural adhesive for metal bonding, modern difficult to bond plastics and innovative composites. You can achieve high strength, tough yet slightly elastic bonds, mostly without chemical or mechanical preparation of the surface.


Quick Patch - UV Technologie -Square

Quick Patch - UV Technology

Quick Patch is a very unique, easy-to-use UV- or sunlight activated, self adhesive repair patch. It is fibreglass reinforced Polyester with extremely good adhesion properties for long lasting repairs
Perfect Fill - 1K - Thick film filler spray

Perfect Fill 1K Primer

Perfect Fill is a ready to use high build primer/ filler in an aerosol. Specially designed to fill and prime sand scratches and uneven surfaces before top coating. With great adhesion to all plastics and metal.
Zubehör - Mischer und Dosierpistolen - Square


For the application of industry adhesives and coating materials, VIP offers a comprehensive range of application accessories, from dispensing guns in dierent versions to all sorts of mixers to special parts.
Polytec - High Tech Oberflächenschutz mit Lotus Effekt - Square

Poyltec - Surface Protection

Polytec is a Hi-Tech polymer based, transparent, surface protection liquid. Tech polymer based, transparent, surface protection liquid. Suitable for all smooth surfaces that are refined, protected and preserved.
Concrete Coated Pipes

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VIP supports customers from almost all industrial sectors with intelligent and integrated solutions. Based on many years of experience and innovative strength, we are an innovative and reliable solution provider in the area of industrial adhesives. The portfolio encompasses adhesives as well as products for cleaning and repair.

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