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The Voelkel Industrial Products GmbH (VIP) was founded in 1983 in Starnberg (Munich, Germany) initially as a trading company. Today VIP is synonymous with competence and top-quality standards in the development of high-performance industrial adhesives and coatings. Due to many years of experience and continuous research, we develop adhesive systems for even the most demanding industrial challenges.

In the wake of the fast-growing automotive aftermarket in the early nineties plastic components in cars became more and more important replacing metal parts. As a result, the need to repair and bond plastics became increasingly important. Our special adhesives met these requirements and laid the foundation for VIP’s further growth.

In the course of optimized working processes and rising requirements of process security VIP specialized in the production and world-wide marketing of innovative two-component technologies. Innovative adhesive products such as polyurethanes, polyurea, methacrylates and MS-polymers complimented the range of two-part industrial adhesives and sealants.Today VIP is a significant supplier to the industry and well-known private label customers. With our innovative and reliable product solutions, we are now one of the market leaders among adhesive manufacturers.


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ISO 9001 is the nationally and internationally most widely used standard for quality management systems, which also specifies the minimum requirements for such. An organization must meet these requirements in order to be able to provide products and services that meet customer expectations as well as legal and regulatory requirements relevant to the product or service. 

The aim is to optimize processes and thus continuously improve the management system. This ensures sustainable quality assurance and the further development of product solutions. VIP Industrie Produkte GmbH meets these high requirements and is therefore certified according to ISO 9001.

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Adhesive bonding vs.
conventional joining:

Adhesive bonding vs.
conventional joining:

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VIP specializes in producing advanced adhesive technologies as well as new sealing and coating solutions for modern substrates and special surfaces. Today we are one of the leading research and development companies for high-performance adhesives in Germany.

Our team of experts is constantly working on the further development of joining technologies and updating our products. We owe our recognition as an industry leader to our constant pursuit of improvement. Customers worldwide trust in our expertise when it comes to sustainable solutions for ever-changing industrial requirements.

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