Discover our MMA adhesive for metal fabricators: POWER WELD

Helps you to complete your projects more efficiently and with higher quality.

Dear metal construction professionals,

We at VIP Industrial Adhesives are pleased to present our solution for your needs: The POWER WELD MMA adhesive! This high-performance adhesive has been specially developed to meet the requirements of metal construction applications, among others, and to help you complete your projects more efficiently and with higher quality.

What makes POWER WELD so special?

1. Fast curing: POWER WELD saves you valuable time as it cures at lightning speed and enables fast handling. This means less waiting time and faster results for your

2. Excellent adhesion: Whether aluminum, steel or other metals – POWER WELD offers excellent adhesion to a variety of surfaces. This means a strong and durable bond for
your structures.

3. Resistance: From extreme temperatures to adverse weather conditions, POWER WELD offers excellent resistance to various environmental conditions, ensuring your
structures remain durable and reliable.

4. Versatility: Whether used indoors or outdoors, for structural applications or surface bonding, POWER WELD offers a variety of application possibilities and is suitable for a
wide range of metal construction applications.

At VIP Industrial Adhesives, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality adhesive solutions that meet your needs and help you successfully complete your projects.

Ready to experience the power of POWER WELD and our other adhesives for yourself? Contact our team today to learn more about our products.


Mar 2024

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