Factors affecting the durability of adhesives

The quality and durability of any adhesive bonding depends on several factors.

Besides finding the right product, the correct application of your chosen adhesive and the surface treatment of your substrate prior to bonding is very important! Due to this fact, it is not a surprise that 90% of the mistakes in adhesive bonding are caused through application errors (source: Fraunhofer).

Firstly the right preparation is a key factor. Proper cleaning, mechanical or chemical pretreatment of your substrate and good workmanship are an absolute necessity in any bonding operation.
Additionally, it is critical to test the adhesive performance in your intended application before finally using the system in your serial process.

Another crucial factor is the use of the right equipment. With our experienced VIP team, we can consult our customers in this matter.

We from VIP Industrial adhesives can provide the technical support, which guides the customer with profound technical know-how. This also includes training the customers’ personnel in surface preparation, application procedures and use of adhesives.


Jul 2023

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